A child is the continuation of the parents and crystallization of love between the man and the woman. So protecting the child is protecting love. We usually raise our voice to protecting the nature and animals. So there is no reason to not protect our children.

The number of young people who have premarital sex and do not know how to protect themselves is getting more, and then the new lives are born. Influenced by movies, friends, unhealthy environment, and the movement of trial marriage, they are misled by the feelings that are justified as the proof of love. Today people love through their eyes and the flesh more than through their hearts. True love becomes unusual. The concern of responsibility is put in the minimum position, and when they face unexpected pregnancies, they give themselves the right to get rid of the living fetuses that are just formed.

The forsaken fetal spirits, therefore, are present, and the amount of them is getting more day by day. They resent people refusing them and stealing their lives. Those who preserve the precepts in which the first one is about protecting all beings’ lives will observe the preservation of the fetuses since they are very young budding. The forsaken fetal spirits have been becoming crowded and their cries have been resounding everywhere. They are hungry, cold, homeless, loveless, abandoned, and ill-used. They do not have even a name, let alone food or offerings or being led to a pagoda to listen to the sutras and gathas. Unwittingly, the children become the adversaries to their parents.

Many people are childless, cannot raise their children, or lose their children because in their past lives, they have abandoned their children. Many country leaders, parents, or doctors foolishly has promulgated laws, encouraged, and even used threatening words to force other ones to forsake life in their bodies. An aggressive tiger does not eat its children. A weak mother hen is able to spread wide its wings to protect its baby chicks. A mother kangaroo always carries its baby in its marsupium throughout the day. We are humans why can we reject blood and flesh of our own? The children are flesh, blood, love, and permanent beauty. Those who have love protect life.

People! We should make sacrifices for our children. It is the infinite happiness. Loving our children, we protect them. Those who possess love will protect lives, even the core of the cells.

Protecting fetal lives is protecting us and allowing us to have the continuation and go to the future. It is so happy when a mother senses a living fetus growing in her body. The mother moves, the child also moves. The mother eats, the child also eats. The mother is happy, the child is also happy. The mother smiles, the child also smiles.

People do not have the right to deprive the right to be their sons or daughters and furthermore the right to be the humans of their children. On the day the children are just formed, they are so happy because they know they are going to hear their mothers’ voices, contemplate the blue sky, and romp in an immense space. They are happy being their mothers’ children and wonder if the mothers are happy like they are. If you read the book The Repentant Angel of Duy Anh, you will see how an abandoned child suffers.

Being born in this life is the greatest bliss of a human. We are lucky when our parents keep us and allow us to be born. We discreetly give thanks to our parents for giving birth to us and giving us life to practice and be happy with life. Being born as a human is really rare because numerous beings still suffer in the realms of pains and wish to get rid of their evil karmas to become humans.

Giving a child a chance to be a human is for that because only in the human life, they are able to practice and be delivered. Being born in lower realm or heavenly realm, they find it hard to practice. In the lower realm, they lead a very miserable life that they cannot stand the practice. In the heavenly realm, they are so happy that they are lazy to practice.

Only humans have enough conditions for practicing happiness and converting sufferings. So when we are humans, we should look after our happiness, and if a new life is going to be born, there will be a fantastic event because we are going to have someone practicing with us on the way of happiness. Many childless couples search for many ways such as prayers, science, fortune-telling, calculating the due date for a pregnancy, etc. to have a baby. By contrast, we are far from being barren and have many children. We must be happy with it. Among what we the most treasure, we must treasure our children more than anything else. It is because they are miracle lives and endless love.

Normally, a child is taught to express the filial piety to his or her parents, but the parents must also be grateful to their child. Let’s think of why the child has not chosen that couple to be his parents but us. It is because we have the predestined affinity with the child. The child brings happiness and sharing to us, keeps the love between his parents closer, and is an achievement of love.

If we have not wanted to have a baby yet, don’t make the state of having children happen. If we know our health is weak, don’t make a fetus formed. Once we have slept with other ones, we have to take responsibility towards them, the lives we have created, and the living conditions for those lives. When a man and a woman come to each other to find the satisfaction of sex, they never solve their loneliness, but they create the consequences, increase sufferings, and build a barrier of separation.

Living is relevant to protecting ourselves and other ones. We practice the healthy way of living and self-control to let the so-called “unexpected” not happen. In case it happens, we accept our responsibilities, come forward, and shoulder them. If we are truly in love, we protect each other. If we come to each other, we must take responsibility to each other.

True love is sacrifice, sharing, and protection. If we come to each other in demand, forcing and let things run their course, what we call love is just a mass of bubbles. The problem is not whether we should have an abortion, but it is how we practice, conduct ourselves, live, and love to let pregnancies not happen. Love must be rightly mindful. We must know what we should do and should not do. We have a life of self-indulgence; now we demand the right to have an abortion. Is it excessive?

Loving someone, we should protect him or her and us. The third precept in Laypeople’s Five Precepts is about protecting chastity or not sleeping with those who are not our husbands or wives. It means if a man and a woman know and love each other or are boyfriend and girlfriend to each other without being a married couple, they should not have sexual relations before getting married.

Broadly speaking, a society does not need to encourage and there is no necessity of encouraging the so-called marriage try-out or getting to know a person in terms of the flesh.

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