Buddhism with Maitreya Dharma

We share practicing methods of Buddha’s teachings in daily life for everyone’s peace and happiness on the path to enlightenment

Living deeply in reality 

Peace is in the nature of mind

Have you ever wondered if the afterlife exists and if it exists how it will affect your life?
This self-help Buddhist book will guide you:
•How to solve the karmic debts with the afterlife people.
•How to practice living a peaceful life in reality and increase your blessedness to go to upper realms.
•How to help your beloved ones, still stuck in the afterworld, soon delivered

TG Minh Thanh is a meditation practitioner and instructor. He has been practicing the Buddha’s teachings for over 12 years and bringing what he has achieved to his books. He is interested in applying Buddha’s teachings to daily practices and activities, so it can be said that most of the book content focuses on Applied Buddhism. He shares Buddhist practicing methods to everyone to lead a peaceful life on the path to self-enlightenment.

Buddhist themed short film

CHANGE – Happiness is Sharing



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