Chat With The Afterword

by TG Minh Thanh

Buddhism on the dead and life after death

Peace In the Afterlife Realm Has a Relationship With Peace In the Living Realm

Kindle E-book, 273 pages

Asin:  B073F8VLXG

Edition Language: English

This Buddhist book “Chat With The Afterworld” is the book of the dead and afterlife. In this book you will learn what is the relationship between the physical world and the afterworld. If you have karmic debts with the dead people, will they influence your life and how can you practice to be in comfort and always in a joyful direction? 

The writer will share some methods to practice to transform sufferings and pangs, to practice love with an honest heart towards a life of serving, plainness,  to protect life even the core of cells. He also tells you how to guide afterworld spirits to practice to be quickly delivered.


1.  Minh and the invisible chat friend
2.  The confidence of afterworld people
3.  Making offerings to forsaken spirits
4.  The war in the world out of sight – Division of classes in the afterworld
5.  Karmic debt between the afterworld and the living realm
6.  The powers hindering afterworld people
7.   Meditation practice for forsaken spirits
8.   The life has borrowing and repayment
9.   The hell on earth
10.   The servant
11.   Stop! Don’t wander aimlessly anymore!
12.   Spreading the mind of loving-kindness
13.   Praying for deliverance and requiem ceremonies
14.   The conduct of listening
15.   If there had been only one day to live
16.   The honest heart
17.   Practicing repentance
18.   Transforming sufferings and pangs
19.   Bringing love back
20.   Protecting life, even the core of cell
21.   The Trojan horse
22.   Making a vow and saying a prayer
23.   Paramita almsgiving
24.   The embodiment of good god and evil god

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