In mythical, ancient Vietnam, the God of Land must race the God of Water to the ends of the Earth to collect three magical animals in order to present them for the hand of a beautiful princess who the King will wed to a power-hungry merchant if no one wins the challenge by her seventeenth birthday.


In this classic tale from ancient Vietnam, two gods — the god of land and the god of the sea — struggle in endless conflict. Old Fairy and Dragon King, mother and father of mankind, devise a cunning plan to deal with these renegade gods and save the world from destruction…their secret weapon? Love!
Upon seeing the Princess, both gods are smitten — but to win her, they must travel to the ends of the earth (and beyond) to find 3 magical animals. Back home, the Princess — who wants to rule on her own, defying tradition — must resist her father’s plans and the advances of a wealthy, power-hungry suitor. And when the final showdown comes, it’s going to take everything she’s got to bring order and balance to her country…and to the universe!



This script is an epic retelling of a story told to generations of Vietnamese, to explain the forces — natural and historical — that have shaped our land. It’s a story relatively unknown outside the country, a fresh store of depth, simplicity and beauty…a story ready for a wider audience.

“A Legend From The Far East” was placed in the list of “The Hot 100 most interesting scripts” of CFSC 2016.

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