The person with complete knowledge has enough talents and virtues,

live free and leisurely, avoid accidents,

and take refuge in mindfulness days and nights.

Nirvana or Pure Land is right here.


We are always upright, easy, correct and decent,

honest, gentle, modest, and content with few desires.

We take no interests in honors and world affairs.


We always dominate carefully six senses,

ignore bravely the dust of the passion, make the mind pure,

and listen to the saints’ teachings.


We always pray for all beings to have a peaceful world,

pray for three fold world and four species to inherit boundless blessing

though they are weak or strong, tall, short or medium,

thin or fat, small or big, near or far, with or without thoughts.


We vow not to have wrong speech, not to trick others into obedience,

not to think little and scorn, not to corrupt others’ honors,

not to get angry, not to be in sulks,

not to think of plots to harm others

though they are relatives or neighbors, strangers or acquaintances.


We vow to love all beings

like a mother is always industrious, clever, and smiling

though there are endless sufferings.

We still cover the world with our great compassion

though we may sacrifice our whole life.

Compassion is as vast as the blue sky.


We follow the Buddha, learn from great sages,

and offer compassion around the universe.

We pray for all beings

to escape sufferings and the cycle of birth and death.

We offer compassion to all directions

with our sincere loving-kindness, pity, joy and indifference.


Our mind is as pure and quiet as the surface of the lake.

We are not malevolent, not at deadly feud with anyone.

We always keep mindful walking, standing, lying and sitting.


Happiness is in the present moment and future.

Entering into the stream will not be wrong.

Reaching Anàgàmin’s understanding

will make a break with heretical views.

Arhat-Nirvana is waiting for us to succeed in practicing.