Script title: The Passerby

Genre: Faith-based, Fantasy, Drama, Coming-of-age


After a troubled escapee of a juvenile religious detention center is terribly injured and saved by the transplant of a mystical heart, he struggles to come to terms with his new powers instilled by the heart on a cross-country trek to see his dying sister.


A troubled teenager living in L.A. named Abbud who’s sent to a center for young offenders run by a church and then onto a “sister center” in Jerusalem with his new best friend Louis. Once there, however, the two get into trouble and must escape by concealing themselves in a truck driven by a young couple. By the time the boys are discovered, the four are deep in a magnificent area of the forest they learn was formed when Jesus passed away…and that his still-beating heart is housed in a mysterious cave.

Next, spontaneous events occur that lead to Louis’s death and land a badly injured Abbud in the hospital. But via miraculous and magical circumstances, the Christ heart from the secret world fits Abbud perfectly, and he’s given a second chance to live. Unaware of the extent of this miracle and mourning the death of Louis, Abbud next learns his little sister Raima has become quite ill and he needs to get back to L.A. fast. The young couple, who realize that something extraordinary has occurred, provide him with an open airline ticket to New York, and give him access to an old car that he can pick up in the City and drive to L.A.

At this point, his challenge becomes oh-so-mundane as he faces strangers in the Big Apple with no patience for his questions. He meets many challenges on the road. But somehow he will find his way out of these situations, hook up with a fine old dog who will become his intimate companion, and meet people and confront situations that will push all his buttons.

As he becomes aware of his increasing special-ness, he will fight it tooth and nail. After all, he’s a seventeen year old, red-blooded young lad and wants nothing to do with the increasingly powerful perceptions he has of his fellow human beings, nor the myriad of visions that he’s suddenly experiencing on a daily basis.

As he arrives in L.A. he continues to fight his obvious manifest destiny, and at the same time deal with the obstacles he encounters with the people with whom he finds himself involved, including his still suffering mother, and his dying little sister. At this point he is also being tracked by those who recognize his unique and mysterious power, and want something from him.

Finally, he knows what he should do with his destiny as he realizes that his work and his whole future have been magnificently bestowed on him by God.

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